Will you indulge me in dropping the comedic tone and 3rd-person voice for just a sec so we can connect about the underlying seriousness of what’s brought us together here? Yes, Islam is absurd to the point of appearing purposely designed as self-parody. But the unfathomable brutality and suffering it has always, and continues to, inflict on the world is funny only as gallows humor. Everyone knows we who step forward to oppose Islam put our lives on the line, especially those of us who choose cartooning as our medium. And this is exactly why it is so essential that we continue to do so;  in the modern civilized world, we must not allow cartooning of any sort the be turned into a life-threatening endeavor. Therefore, humanity must relentlessly mock Islam from all sides, until it finally learns the lesson other religions have: that responding violently to mockery is futile and against its own interests, and that it is better off with good natured forbearance. Unfortunately, such a conclusion is anathema to Islamic doctrine, which is also structurally immune to change. So it may be a while before this lesson is learned. Until then, it will remain my personal jihad to keep endless volleys of four-paneled laughter-arrows in flight toward the conceptual monster of Islam. If you’ve supported me in this mission by buying Haram Alama Ding Dong! Volume. 1, you have my profound gratitude. And if, having done this, you now find yourself inspired to help even further with a one-time donation or ongoing patronage… well, what can I say…?  There are no words to convey my appreciation… so we’ll just have to settle for good ol’ “thank you!”