Nanny Pooh-Pooh is an artistically inspired lover of human freedom. She is the founder and sole adherent of the Poohpoohvian school of comedic literature, and author of the world’s first and only Mohammoislamocentric serial comic strip series, Mohammed & Friends. Though a generally sweet old lady, when provoked, Nanny’s latent nature as a fierce and ferocious firebrand flares to the fore. Nanny Pooh-Pooh has taken umbrage at Islam’s insistence that:

1) non-Muslims are not at liberty to mock its super-dumb, cruel, evil, regressive, supremacist, and shockingly gross dogma on pain of death

2) people are not at liberty to leave it, on pain of death

3)  it has the right to tell anyone who didn’t actively sign up for it as a competent adult that they can or can’t do anything, especially “on pain of death”

4) it is the one truth, that must and will be foisted upon the whole world, by any means necessary

5) Muslims are the best people and non-muslims “the worst of creatures” (though actually, Nanny wouldn’t care about this, if it weren’t for the other four points).

Not being one to cower before a bully, Nanny Pooh-Pooh has been inspired to lead the world in defiant laughter at Islam/Mohammedanism, via the first Mohammed & Friends book (in three volumes), Haram Alama Ding Dong! M&FHADD takes its themes from Islam/Mohammedanism’s core texts, the Koran and Sharia, wherein the aforementioned super-dumbness, cruelty, evil, supremacism, and grossness are on shining display. When not kicking Islam and other anti-freedom, fascistic, totalizing systems of thought in their conceptual ‘nads with a steel-tipped fuzzy bunny slipper of comedy, Nanny likes going for long walks on the beach, romantic candle-lit dinners with Mr. Pooh-Pooh, taking the grandkids out for ice cream, and selling jillions upon jillions of books to her adoring public. Nanny Pooh-Pooh’s biggest personal flaw is her insistence on writing website blurbs about herself in the third person, when it will be immediately and embarrassingly obvious to any astute reader like you that this is what she is doing. But most people still love her anyway.